March 2013: The new year starts perfectly with a Jooklo Quartet (with Topias Topias Tiheasalo andTero Kemppinen) Finland tour, followed by a trio gig with Dror Feiler in Stockholm and then a few duo shows in Sweden and Denmark, ending in Copenhagen where the Jooklo Danish Group performed live for the first time ever.
October 2012: Jooklo Duo tours Italy, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany, stopping by Stuttgart for a fresh collaboration with the Metabolismus collective. Also shared two gigs (in Roma and Verona, Italy) with Body/Head (Bill Nace & Kim Gordon).
July 2012: Back home from a very nice tour through Denmark, Sweden and Norway, during which we presented our first record as Jooklo Danish Group (with Copenhagen's musicians Johns Lunds and Maria Bertel) "Mixture of Energies" released by Holidays Records: a new chapter is open!
March 2012: After a brief and compact tour in Austria and Slovenia, which has been concluded with an epic trio gig with Hartmut Geerken in Munchen, Germany, the duo has toured Italy together with guitarist Bill Nace. At the same time, their first trio record "Scratch" (recorded in Brooklyn, NY, on June 2011) has been released by Holidays Records.
December 2011: Jooklo Duo has performed in Russia for the first time ever, participating at the Aposition Music Forum Festival in Saint Petersburg, where they also jammed with fellows Dror Feiler, Geoff Leigh, Burton Greene.
June 2011: Back home after a pretty intense 5 weeks tour in the US (from East to Midwest), part of it with the classic duo formation, and part of it performing as a trio with guitarist Bill Nace. We had the honour of having guests in some our performances the saxophonists Paul Flaherty, Steve Baczkowski,Tamio Shiraishi, and Arrington De Dionyso on bass clarinet.
April 2011: During the first months of 2011 the duo has toured Greece, England, and Finland (here with the Jooklo Quartet, presenting their new album "Where has Jazz gone?")
November 2010: "The Warrior", first Jooklo Duo 7", starts a collaboration with the new record company Northern Spy (run by the same team of the late ESP Disk').
October 2010: Jooklo Quartet, the finnish force goes to expansion on a different sound: Genta on saxophone, Vanzan on drums, Topias Tiheasalo on guitar and Tero Kemppainen on bass. Beside a short Italy tour, the Quartet spent three days at the Troglosound Home Studio to work on what will be the first album. Out soon!
August 2010: Sardinia (the lost Mediterranenan island) tour. Plays for the first time in the ancient "Tombs of the Giants" and on rocky beaches and sandy mountains, with friends of course. Wild experience that thaught a lot.
July 2010: Jooklo Duo meets Sabu Toyozumi for a few gigs and studio sessions around northern Italy.
April 2010: New Jooklo Duo release "High" is out on Troglosound for the second USA tour, and this time had a bunch of incredible shows in California as well! During this tour there were chances to some hard jammings with musicians like Bill Nace, Paul Flaherty, Daniel Carter, Sabir Mateen, Andrew Barker, Tim Dahl, Chris Pottinger on live gigs and studio recordings. Plus, Genta and Vanzan has been joined by pianist John Blum for a fire trio session on WFMU radio!
December 2009: After a long preparation, two new Jooklo Duo vinyl releases are finally ready and pressed by Qbico as limited editions: "Live in Itri", recorded in 2006, is probably one of the oldest tapes we have; on the other hand, the latest recording we took last month: "Rising Above". 
September 2009: The Jooklo Finnish Quartet tours Finland: few amazing gigs around there plus two full days of recordings, once more at Studio Kuu, Helsinki.
May 2009: Jooklo Finnish Quartet first tour, with a bunch of incredibly exciting gigs around Italy, spreading some freedom lightnings around. A fresh breeze is announcing new things... 
March 2009: The duo tours Europe with few gigs around Sweden, Denmark and Belgium.
February 2009: "Birthday Session", first LP by the Jooklo Finnish Quartet (Sami Pekkola, Virginia Genta, Tero Kemppainen, David Vanzan) is released as Troglosound 025. Recorded in Helsinki on August 24th, 2008.
January 2009: December and January has seen Vanzan and Genta living in Saint Etienne, France, sharing experiences in Life and Music with bassist Jeremie Sauvage and drummer Mathieu Tilly, working with them on free structures based on repetitive rythmic patterns with deep roots in hypnotic and trance traditional music from all over the world. 
Meanwhile in preparation a small Jooklo Duo Europe tour for March 2009.
August 2008: Jooklo duo in Finland, for seven concerts in trio with Tero Kemppainen all over the Country, with guest for some gigs also Sami Pekkola on tenor and soprano sax. Genta starts with soprano sax during this tour, and the new quartet sounds as something that is voted to become a true stable formation.
July 2008: Moved to Portugal near Lisbon, Genta and Vanzan starts to play more with the percussionist Tiago Miranda (Loosers), giving finally an answer to the crescent will of developing an always more percussive-oriented and wild Sound, able to bring the listener faraway, deeply down in the sound of the forest inside himself. In preparation a fall tour of the Jooklo Fire Quartet, featuring Genta on sax, Vanzan and Tiago on percussions, and Andrew Barker on drums.
May 2008: First USA tour, 30 intense days around the East, during those the two musicians have chance to try on their skins strong spiritual experiences and to meet the drummer Andrew Barker, the percussionist Muruga Booker and his Free Funk family, the duo Peaking Lights many others great human beings. "Music is the key" Paul Flaherty said a night in Northampton...
April 2008: Jooklo duo does its first recordings and concerts with a double-bass player included in the straight and hot structures of the duo, the finnish bassist Tero Kemppainen.
November 2007: Jooklo duo first tour in the UK, performing at Red Rose in London for the Wire 25th, to meet the "souls-warmer" altoist Sonny Simmons. Second LP by Neokarma Jooklo Trio "Solar Vision" is issued by Qbico.
September 2007: "Free Serpents" is issued by Qbico Records, alongside "Meditative", first record of the Neokarma Jooklo Trio (the seed of the Neokarma experience, with Maurizio Abate as leading figure of this new project) and "Infinity" by Neokarma Jooklo Octet" (enlarged formation born from Genta, Vanzan and Abate, featuring also Makoto Kawabata). 
April 2007: First massive and intense tour for the duo, 40 days around Europe and Scandinavia with almost no days off, together with rock-oriented band G.I.Joe
December 2, 2006: Recording of the first complete work "Free Serpents"
2005-2006: Continuing to evolve the Sound, growing up the dynamics without any other wish than learn how to reach the closeness to the Uncreated Sound. Genta switches to tenor and starts with baritone too.
2004: Jooklo duo was born, Virginia Genta beginning on alto and tenor sax, David Vanzan on drums. Some first gigs around Italy and some rough unreleased home recordings. 
2001-2003: Discovering and birth of passion for the freedom music.
1999: The Cosmic Force made the poles converge.


Deeply down, if you have the courage to explore the most hidden lands of the universal energy, you arrive at some point where you just know that Souls are so ancient that you're just prepared to everything the Uncreated Force is going to bring you. Sometimes you expect something, and something else arrives. That's the way in which the One around and over here is bringing inner harmony to the Cosmo order, continuously giving us lessons through an incredibly high sense of humor. What we all need is Peace, and there's no Peace until there are boundaries inside us. Reaching redemption and salvation. "Music is the key", and when the gates open showing the reign of what is over the game of contrasts, you can be scared or joyful. But at the same time you'll be experimenting the rules of freedom of the unpredictable Light. We just try to do our best as walking messengers of what is on the other side of the Gates, as many others has done during the immesaurable story of the Circle of Souls. 
Music is the word of us, creatures of the air.